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ClearView +

Featuring New Reon HQV Technology, the Generation 2 (G2) ClearView+ sets the standard for desktop reading machines. Re-engineered for maximum comfort, functionality and image quality, nothing on the market compares. Our modular systems are available in High Definition (HD) and have the ability to add a Basic Feature Pack, Advanced Feature Pack, Zero Button Feature Pack or foot pedal for additional functionailty.

Standard Features

High quality 22" Widescreen Color TFT monitor

  • One-button simplicity control.
  • Average zoom range of 2.7X – 72X.
  • Always-In-Focus™ technology ensuring crisp clear focus on every image.
  • Adjustable monitor arm allows the user to position the monitor for optimal viewing and comfort.
  • Adjustable brightness.
  • Easy-Glide reading platform with electronic brake.
  • High contrast text reading modes.
  • Photo mode for viewing pictures.
  • Exceptional brightness/contrast.
  • Vibrant Colors.
  • Multiple light sources for even illumination while in-use.
  • Free in-home installation.
  • Fully upgradeable modular design.
  • Electronic System: Black & White Reon, Color Reon, High Definition (HD), Personal Computer (PC)

Optional Features

High Definition (HD) System

  • Smooth crisp images with less eye strain.

Zero Button Feature Pack

  • Hands free magnification.

Basic Feature Pack

  • 16 alternatre color viewing modes.
  • Position indicator.

Advanced Feature Pack

  • 16 alternatre color viewing modes.
  • Position indicator.
  • Window/line markers.
  • External PC switch.

PC Foot Pedal

  • Ability to toggle between computer and the Optelec ClearView+.

The ClearView+ is designed to be aesthetically pleasing in any environment. Sleek, durable and non-stigmatizing it easily fits into the home, office, or school setting. The ClearView+ offers a variety of options that can be tailored to meet any budget. The ClearView+ high quality components minimize the risk of unit failure. In case of necessary service the ClearView+ is unlike any unit in the industry. There is never any down time. The modular design enables instant “on the spot” repair by simply exchanging a module. Simply call your local Optelec representative and a replacement part will be sent to your location.


The Ultra Flexible Arm (UFA) TFT MonitorThe Ultra Flexible Arm (UFA) TFT Monitor. Ergonomic design increases reading time and pleasure by eliminating fatigue. The ClearView+ sets the standard in ergonomic design. With the magnification and mode buttons placed on the table, the user can change settings without removing their hands from the table. The need for repetitive arm lifting is eliminated. Moreover, the ultra low table wrist pads offer continuous support for increased comfort and speed. The “one touch” electronic table brake, instantly and effortlessly stops all sliding movements so the user never looses their place. Not frequently used buttons are placed behind a slider. For perfect ergonomic distance between the eye and the monitor, the ClearView+ Generation 2 19” and 22” monitors come standard with a five directional “ultra flexible TFT arm”. The Ultra Flexible Arm (UFA) allows the user to adjust the monitor to their preferred position with ease. The screen can be moved up or down, telescoped forward or backwards, tilted, angled left and right. The UFA also rotates 90-degrees and automatically flips the image to enable column reading