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Braille Sense PLUS QWERTY

What is the Braille Sense PLUS QWERTY?

The Braille Sense PLUS QWERTY has qwerty type keyboard. If you are familiar with the computer keyboard, you can use it easy and fast. Even though it has qwerty keyboard, it is small, light, and easy to carry

Features of Braille Sense PLUS QWERTY

  • File manager

    File Manager is the best pride on the Braille Sense. It is similar to the Windows file manager so it is easy to manage all files, folders, and disks.

    • Make folders and change a folder and file name
    • Copy, move, delete, cut and paste
    • File protection to avoid unintended changing
    • Check information of folders, files, and disks.
    • Execute file immediately
  • Word processor

    You can easily create, edit, and print various types of documents using the Qwerty type keyboards in the Word Processor.

    • Supported format: HBL(Braille Sense format), DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT, BRL, BRF
    • You can read and edit documents without any conversion. It can be saved as different formats.
    • Documents can be printed by an embosser or printer.
  • E-mail

    You can send and receive e-mails with sighted people using real time translation between Braille and text.

    • Send and receive e-mails.
    • Read html format
  • Internet

    You can surf the web, read news, and search dictionary.

    • Surf the web and read news
    • Add favorite web sites and save it as html files
    • Fast moving features; the units to move by link, control, and table etc.
    • Download all the files from the link
  • Media

    Easy-accessible audio buttons and powerful playback of the media are big features on the Braille Sense.

    • Supported format: MP3, MP4, WAV, ASF, OGG, WMA, M3U, Audible(AA, AAX), WMV, FLAC, MID
    • Set sound effects: BassBoost, Surround, 3D Effect, Reverb, Echo
    • Recording setting: Changing record source, sample rate and bits per channel
    • Make a playlist and play saved playlists
    • Set and delete a mark up to 1,000 per one file. Move to set mark.
  • Connecting to PC

    You can transfer files back and forth with a computer via USB cable, USB stick, and CF memory. And also you can share via e-mail.

  • Daisy

    The Daisy player provides various functions to read Daisy files.

    • Supported format: Daisy 2.0/2.02, ANSI/NISO Z39.86(Daisy 3.0), NIMAS, Bookshare.org
    • Play and pause
    • Change the playback speed and volume. You can adjust it regardless of the TTS volume.
    • Check playback information; total time, remaining time, elapsed time, total page, and current page.
    • Announces remaining page and the number of marks of current Daisy content.
    • Move to next or previous phrase and section.
    • Move to a certain page, upper or lower level, the next or previous heading.
    • Move to the heading
    • Set and delete the mark. Move to the previous or next set mark.
  • Live chatting

    It is very similar structure like MSN Messenger. It is very useful for users to chat between PC and Braille Sense user through internet.

    • Login, chat, add and delete friends, check status, and change screen name.
    • Invite people from the list and save messages.
  • Additional features

    Various additional features are added into Braille Sense PLUS QWERTY.

    • Address manager, schedule manager
    • Use screen reader synchronizing with PC
    • Learning Braille through LCD and voice.
    • Provides options for user preference scientific calculator
  • Supported languages

    English (US), English (UK), German, French, Italy, Polish, Swedish, Korean

Technical Specifications of Braille Sense PLUS QWERTY

Model H332Q
Flash memory 8GB
Network Ethernet, wireless LAN, Bluetooth
Braille display 32cells
Video output VGA
Sound output Built-in stereo speakers, stereo earphone jack
Recording Built-in microphone, external microphone jack (stereo recording)
Interface 2 USB (master, OTG), SD slot, CF slot, serial port
Battery Rechargeable and detachable battery
Size 25cm(W) X 13.1cm(D) X 3.9cm(H) / 9.8"(W) X 5"(D) X 1.5"(H)
Weight 926g / 2lbs