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Features of SyncBraille

  • Connecting to PC

    Once you connect the SyncBraille to PC, it displays what the screen reader reads. You can check the Braille if it is not clear to understand what exact word is or for learning the Braille. And it is used to display for deaf-blind.

  • Connecting to a notetaker

    Voice Sense, Braille+, Icon and SyncBraille are compact, light and easy to carry. You can use these devices individually or together, if necessary.

Technical Specifications of SyncBraille

Model Number B20N
Number of Braille cells 20 cells
Interface USB 2.0
Available hardware Voice SENSE(HIMS), PC (with screen reader), Braille+(American Printing House), Icon(Levelstar)
Available screen reader Window-Eyes, Supernova
Buttons 2 pairs of scroll buttons. Each pair has upward and downward scroll buttons.
Size 18.3cm(W) x 8.5 cm(D) x 2cm(H), 7.21
Weight 280g, 0.61lbs